Slot machines online with best bonuses and slots free spins

You can’t beat them but it is hard to get enough. And every now and then a lucky player hits the jackpot and becomes worldwide casino news. You can become a millionaire with one spin on a slot machine. But more important is the joy you get from the themes, bonus rounds and surprises awaiting you in the best online slots.

Here you’ll find the very best online casino slots with special bonuses and free spins offers to get going with. Play for free and win for real. Discover the world of slots online and learn how to make the most of this fantastic type of casino entertainment.

Top Slots Bonus India

Minimum Deposit
150% Bonus up to NZD 500 & 100 FreeSpins+18 | T&C Apply | Ad
Min $30 | Fast cashout & withdraw | Tournaments cash prizes | VIP program cashback | Jackpots | Great bonus!
80 chanses for $1 deposit & Up to $480 in match bonus (100%)+18 | T&C Apply | Ad
$1 | No payout limit on winnings with bonus! |
₹30,000 Bonus + 20 FS+18 | T&C Apply | Ad
Min $10 | Use your FS on Starburst |
150 Freespin chances to become Millionaire & 100% bonus on second deposit (up to $250)+18 | T&C Apply | Ad
Min $10 | 550 games to choose from |
100% up to ₹ 123 000 + 10% Cashback on lossesT & C +18 | T&C Apply | Ad
No wagering on cashback | A funnier Casino | Muchbetter payment
Up to 122 Freespins & $1000 Bonus+18 | T&C Apply | Ad
22 Freespins on signup | No deposit
50FS & 300% up to USD1000 Welcome package+18 | T&C Apply | Ad
Min $20 | Instant payouts | Quick registration | $25000 Slots race | $10 000 Weekly lottery and reload bonus | Cool
100% up to 80 000 INR + 100 FreeSpinT & C +18 | T&C Apply | Ad
Min ₹ 1000
100% Deposit bonus up to ₹ 9999 & 99 Freespins+18 | T&C Apply | Ad
Min ₹ 2000 | 10 % Cashback | Muchbetter payment

What are slots online?

We find many names for those we love. Slot machines are called slots, fruit machines, reel games, bandits and other names. Originally these games where big machines loaded with coins that could come out as a steady rain through the belly of the machine if the reels showed a winning combination.

Slots online work pretty much like the original ones but they have many more features and are constantly developed to surprise players with new bonuses and functions.

Topslots India

The basic concept of an online slot is:

  • A game with reels and symbols that are spun around
  • Once the reels stop the symbols are lined up
  • Winning combinations can be anything from 2 of the same symbols and more
  • When a winning combination is hit the money can be moved to your casino account

If you have a look at slots online, you will notice that they are anything but basic. It might even be hard to find a slot machine with 3 reels. 5 reels and up is common and adds many paylines to this. In order to truly understand what slots online are, we must have a look at some slot lingo…

Most Popular Slot Games And Famous Slots

Famous slot machines are also the most popular slots because they either contain a very rewarding bonus mechanism or a big jackpot prize. You can literally break the world record and become a millionaire by playing popular slot games. They are the most popular slot games because they reward more often and not because of their great graphics or amazing effects.

 These are the most famous slots of all time:

  • Immortal Romance: This slot game is perfect for vampire fans. It contains a lot of mini-games and 25 free spins. Landing the wild symbol doubles the prize amount when winning. 
  • Book of Ra: This slot game is developed by Novomatic and is the popular classic video slot around. It contains only 9 paylines and offers the opportunity to play for hours win with the smallest budget. Its payout is quite satisfying. 
  • Mega Fortune: Currently this slot game is the second best jackpot machine of all times and awards millions of Euros every day. It’s a very aggressive jackpot and its prize pool surpasses the one million Euro limit often. The best slot game for players who aim for the shortest way to become a millionaire. 
  • Starburst: This slot is available in nearly every online casino. It offers a chance to win up to 50.000 coins and is one of the most popular casino slots. Starburst includes a free spin that can be triggered multiple times and it’s quite easy to trigger it. The bonus round is generous and can be activated easily too. 
  • Thunderstruck: In this game you get to play Nord gods and activate their powers as bonus rounds. The grand prize is more than 200.000 coins and a lot of players already managed to win that. 
  • Mega Moolah: This is a progressive slot machine and is a world record breaker. It already distributed hundreds of thousands of Euros to players and is currently the top jackpot slot in the world. 
  • Gonzo’s Quest: In this slot game when you land a winning spin all symbols that are part if that winning disappear from the reel and new ones drop down from above. If these new symbols form another winning combination, you get paid again. Gonzo’s Quest is also one of the first VR slot games. 
  • Age of Gods: Winning the jackpot prize requires landing only three symbols and it’s possible to win 200 times total bet. This slot game is a great alternative to Thunderstruck if you are looking for a fixed jackpot slot machine. 
  • The Wizard Of Oz: This slot game is probably the most unique one of all time. It contains nearly a dozen bonus rounds. The games are all based on the Wizard of Oz story, so the mini-games are not like the standard ones you know. You get to control the main character of the original story. And also the payout frequency is more than satisfying.
  • When a winning combination is hit the money can be moved to your casino account

If you have a look at slots online, you will notice that they are anything but basic. It might even be hard to find a slot machine with 3 reels. 5 reels and up is common and adds many paylines to this. In order to truly understand what slots online are, we must have a look at some slot lingo…

Slot lingo – learn the vocabulary?

Multipliers multiply your winnings. They can become active with certain symbols, in bonus games or during free spins. You can also play slots with special multiplier meters. These games let you advance with larger multipliers so that you can end up multiplying your winnings hundreds or times if luck strikes!

The reels spin independently of each other (sometimes synched if this is a game feature). Each reel has a certain number of symbols. When the reel stops, you have a column with 3, 4, 5 or more symbols. If 2 or more symbols line up on top of each other or next to each other over the reels, it is called a winning combination.

Payouts are calculated based on your bet and the winning combination that you get. If you bet on several paylines, you might also get several wins at the same time. Some slot machines allow for this to happen. Others will only count the highest win as your payout.

When you want to learn more about payouts, you should click on the pay table that is located in the information about the slot. Usually, online slots have an information button marked with an “i”. In the pay table, you will see how many symbols in a row you need to win and how much the different symbols will reward you with.

There are slots that let you bet with a minimal amount like 0.01 dollars. But the bet will grow if you add more paylines and also up the level. Sometimes you can choose 5, 10 or more coins per line and you can set the value of each coin.

Modern slots can be quite sophisticated when it comes to betting options. You can learn more about the bets by playing on a free demo version. This will let you try different settings freely and get a hands-on understanding of the relationship between your bet and the sum you win.

Mega Moolah, Mega Fortune and Hall of Gods are progressive slots that you might have heard about. They have rewarded lucky players with millions of dollars in one spin. A progressive slot has a jackpot that grows with every bet made on it.

When you put money on the slot, a tiny part of your bet goes to the jackpot that is growing. It can be won by anyone at any time. But remember that you might only be eligible for the progressive jackpot when you bet maximum. If you don’t and get the right combination for the highest win, you won’t get it simply because your bet didn’t meet the criteria!

This effect was invented by NetEnt and is now seen in many slots online. The avalanche effect lets you win more once you win. The winning combination dissolves and new symbols rain down from above the reels. If they match, you win again and a new avalanche is set off.

Slots with the avalanche effect usually have a different structure where the symbols fall down over the reels rather than spin around on them. These slots call free spins free falls instead since they work with falling symbols rather than spinning ones.

Always check the volatility of the slot. Slots with high volatility are slots that can give you very big wins but not often. It is possible to win several big jackpots in a row on a high volatility slot but most of the time this type of game offers you longer periods without wins. It is a bigger risk but offers a lot of excitement.

Low volatility slots usually pay out frequently. But these slots seldom give you any big sums. You might not even win back what you bet on the slot. Low volatility is a good choice if you feel that the experience of winning is more important than how much you actually win.

Volatility is sometimes expressed as variance. It is the same thing and concerns the risk you are taking with your bet.

To complicate matters a bit, slot producers develop games with paylines. This means that you can have several different paylines running over the reels. Instead of just winning when symbols line up vertically or horizontally, you can win when they line up over the specific lines. A line can move up and down in an intricate pattern over the reels.

In fact, it can be very hard to spot the lines with the naked eye. The software must show the lines with different effects. This is a reason for you to stick to the licensed slots from the recognized brands. When a slot has 50 paylines or more, you need to be able to trust that you are not tricked from winnings that you won’t spot by looking at the reels.

There are slots with paylines that you can activate and slots that will have all paylines active as the standard setting. More paylines active means a costlier bet. But at the same time, this could lead to better winning chances so it might be worth the higher cost.

A wild is a joker. You can use it as other symbols to form a winning combination. Wilds can also have other functions such as giving you a special prize or take you to a bonus game. Note that wilds sometimes cannot be used as scatter or bonus symbols.

Scatters are the symbols that you can win free spins on slots with. The norm is to get at least 3 scatters to get a certain number of free rounds. But there are slots that will reward you free spins even with 2 scatter symbols.

Scatter slots are very popular because they can extend the time you get to play on the game even with a smaller bet. Free spins mean more time spinning the reels and thereby more entertainment for the original bet.

The best slots bonuses

Play free online slots to learn more about the games and to win free money. Free slots are available through smart slots bonuses. Here are some of the best slots bonuses that you will find in online casinos:

Free spins – Casinos love to give new players free spins. You can get them as a no deposit bonus or as a reward for your deposit. You can get hundreds of spins on different games. Sometimes the bonus has limits for how much you can bet on each round with and how much you can win. That’s a good thing when you need to wager the winnings you get to cash them out!

Slots tournaments – While you play on your favorite slot, you can compete against others playing on the same. This is sometimes called reel races and lets you win more than the amount you win on the actual slot. If you end the tournament with the best score, you could get a big prize.

Raffles – Sometimes casinos let players who bet on selected slots enter raffles. By playing on the slotmachines that are part of the promotion, you have the chance to win more money or special gifts.

Money for slots – The casino can also give you bonus money specifically for slots. This type of slots bonus has important features like all slots contributing 100% to the wagering requirements. You can find welcome bonuses with free spins and online casino $1000 bonus here.

Free spins as part of the game

It is important to differentiate between the free spins you get as a bonus from the casino and the ones that are part of the game. Look at slots reviews and go for the games with many free spins. If you can win hundreds of free spins, you get to play a lot more on the game. Free spins are a way to extend the fun as well as improve your winning chances.

Special slots bonuses in the games

Within the online slots industry, innovation is great. A modern slot machine can be a complete entertainment center. It will give you:

  • A storyline
  • Music
  • Movie clips
  • Interactive parts with choices
  • Extra games

Some slots let you pick the type of bonus game you want. You get 3 scatters and now you can choose to spin 20 free spins with extra wilds or 10 free spins with a multiplier of 30 in effect. This is just an example of how modern slots can engage and have you think about what gets you going the most.

Don’t miss the slots that have several bonus games with new game boards. When you win the bonus game, you move to a new setting where you can interact with the slot in different ways. It can be pick-and-win type of games or races where you need to pick the fastest horse.

Here you can read more about the best online casino bonus India

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18 Frequently Asked Questions about slots

Here are some common questions about online slots. See if you know the answers!

How many slots are there in online casinos?

There can be thousands of slot machines in an online casino. And new ones are launched every month. Don’t be surprised if you see over ten new games introduced each and every week!

Are free online slots rigged?

It depends on what slots they are. Free online slots from reputable brands are not rigged. They will have information on RTP so that you will know just how much they are programmed to pay out.

Can you win real money on free casino slots?

Yes, when you play free slots with a slots bonus, you can win real money on them. If you are playing on a demo for free, the money is just play money and will not be paid to your casino account once the slot round comes to an end.

How do I know that the slot machine is fair?

Check who made the slot and that it has an RNG. No slots are fair. Most players lose on them. Slots make more money for the casino than for each individual player. This is a must to understand when you want to figure out just how fair online slots are.

Can I get addicted to casino slots?

Yes, you can get addicted to any form of online casino gaming. Be aware of how to play and when. Take free tests online to determine if you are overdoing it and if you might need some help to control your slot gaming.

How much can I win on slots online?

You can win a few cents or millions of dollars. Slots like Mega Moolah have made it into the Guinness Book of Records with incredible payouts. It can happen to anyone!

Which is the best progressive slot?

The one with the highest jackpot right now and no rules for how much you need to bet to win it. Check out progressives from Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech to find the best games

Are there slots on cruise ships?

Yes, many cruise ships offer slots as entertainment. But you don’t really need that when you can bring your online casino in your smartphone and continue betting on your favorite slot from the lounge chair on deck!

What is a random number generator?

It is part of the programming of the slot machine. The RNG ensures that the results will be unpredictable. You will not know what is coming up based on what was before. The results are as random as possible.

Are there slot strategies?

Yes, you should pick the slots that have themes that you like and features like free spins, bonus games, and progressive jackpots if this interests you.

Where do I find mobile slots?

In most online casinos. Today the slot developers make sure that their products work equally well on the smaller screens of mobile phones and tablets.

Why should I play slots?

Because it is a jolly good time!

Is it rude to play slots on the phone?

If people expect your attention, it is rude. Play when you have the time for it.

Can I play casino slots at work?

If you can play games during breaks, you can use breaks for slots gaming. But check if it is allowed on company hardware.

What are the best slots online?

The ones with cool themes, engaging animations and exciting features that let you dream of fantastic wins.

Who wins on slots?

Well, lucky people who likes to take a chans!

What are bonus slots?

Slots with different types of bonuses such as free spins, bonus games and special symbols that can let you win more.

Why are slots so popular?

Because they offer a great combination of excitement and relaxation.

More facts about slot machines

Let’s have a look at some interesting facts about slot machines.

Slots as relaxation

There are studies that show slots can provide relief from negative experiences outside of the casino context. The player gets to take his mind off what bothers him and this leads to relaxation while playing slots.

Slots and speed

Research has shown that the speed of the slot reels can influence your gaming behavior. When the reels move faster, you might be more inclined to play another round than when the slot moves slower. Sound can also influence how you play.

The sound of money

When you hear the sound of money in the slot game, it can make you feel that you won more than what you actually did. This is why even smaller winnings often are accompanied by the sound of many coins clinking against each other. In studies, it has been shown that players prefer slot machines with winning sounds.

Interesting to note is that players tend to overestimate how many times they won when they play with the sound effects on.

Mobile slots

The new generation of slots can be played on desktop devices as well as mobile units. They are made to automatically fit the screen they are launched on.

Class III slots

Class III slots is a classification of slot machines put forward by the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA). These slots are played against the house and operated independently of a computer that is centralized. Class III slots are also called Vegas style slots.

Different names

Slot machines are called fruit machines in Great Britain, puggies in Scotland and poker machines in Australia.

The world’s best slots game developers

To an outsider, it might seem like there is very little difference between different online slots. The reels and a button or handle – that’s of course of central importance to any slot machine. However, the increasing demand for exciting slots games has led to an ever-increasing supply of fun games on the market.

We have had a look into some of the best casino game developers of today.


Microgaming is one of the absolute best game developers in the world. It is also one of the oldest. Since start, Microgaming has launched over 800 casino games. Obviously, that implies a lot of diversity in its supply of games. One of the best slots games is Mega Mooliah, which is a progressive game with very big jackpots. Apart from superb slots Microgaming also has a huge poker room network.


Everybody who loves casino games knows of NetEnt. This Swedish developer is famous for, among other games, Gonzo’s Quest (have you tried it in VR-mode?). Mega Fortune is another popular game from NetEnt. It has one of the highest jackpots in the casino world. Simplicity is the word here. Yet their games are genuine and provide a great feeling. The graphics are beautiful, not least the 3D effects.


Playson might not be the most well-known slots developer. Neither is it one of the oldest. Still, it is definitely one of the best. Since its launch in 2012 it has launched several, but actually not too many, excellent slots games. Quality is the keyword here. In Playson’s repertoire we find various games – from classic slots to games with history themes. Sunny Fruits, Rome – Ceasar’s Glory and Legend of Cleopatra are some good examples.


In a world were mobile users are on the rise, BetSoft has put their best bet on creating a great user experience on mobile devices. Their 3D-slots are enchantingly fun to play. Cool graphics and great user interaction have put BetSoft on the top list of many slots’ players worldwide.


Rabcat is a Vienna-based slots developer with a sense for style. Their best-known game is Classic 243 with its fantastic 80’s neon lights. Other games include Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine, Treasure Heroes and North Storm. Beautiful computer graphics is what makes Rabcat one of our favorites.

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